Cross Browser Testing – Can you find the mistake?

Cross browser testing is one of the things I do as a designer/front-end developer. Finding something that is not right on the website or making sure everything works out well is important in every web development. If it’s a mistake, one can miss it out without cross-browser testing (keep reading, there is a fun game at the end of the post).

There are two free useful tools to check your website on several browser platforms: provides a free screenshot of your website in different web browsers. It is totally free, not monthly or upfront cost. It will take a few minutes though for your screenshot to be available, and sometimes you need to extend your waiting time.

Browser Tester


IE Netrender

IE Net Render is also free but it only provides screenshot of your website on Internet Explorer.

And there are paid services that provide a faster tool to get a screenshot of your website across other browsers, including mobile.

Examples of these website are:

Finding a mistake or an area that needs correction on a website is important in web development. No website is perfect, but knowing that usability and accessibility of your website across other platforms, and that it is working properly is HIGHLY important.
For fun,I grabbed this for a friend from facebook, I believe this image was share across facebook over 10K time! Can you find the mistake below? If you found it, don’t make a comment what is it…just keep it for yourself. But feel free to share this post!
Find the Mistake Image

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