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We typically work with small business owners and companies who have the passion and drive to grow their business. Gone are the days that your business growth depends on “just having a brand new website” or a “polished logo”. We are here to break the status quo and  help you build an online presence that will stand the time. How? By understanding your business situation, your market position and developing a web presence that will not just stand out, but will deliver. 

We are developers, strategists, thinkers, creatives, VAs and technical support. 


Why Waco Alico Building by Chie
Chie Carroll

Why Waco?

I don’t know why but maybe this year felt so long yet short at the same time. It feels long because it feels like we’ve been living in Waco for a long time already, but it’s short since it’s only been over a year since we moved to this town. I shared before why we

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Chie Carroll

The Story Behind our Move to Waco

This post has been long overdue. In fact, next month marks one year since we’ve made the long drive and moved to Waco, TX. I told myself I’ll blog about it here but a lot of things happened at the beginning of 2020…and still continues to unfold. I came across pictures of our first trip

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5 important security measures for your website
Graham Salwell

Five Important Security Measures for your Website

A well-designed website, one that matches your branding and marketing strategies and that connects you to current and future customers, is an absolute necessity in today’s highly-digital world. But with so much business being done online, you also owe it to your customers to pay attention to the security of your website. Image source It’s

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Instagram Business tips
Chie Carroll

5 Ways to Gain Traffic to your Website Using Instagram

Honestly, Instagram isn’t necessarily a platform that will help you drive more traffic to your company’s website. Instagram is far more effective when it comes to improving your brand visibility and building a community. However, by engaging with your audience on Instagram and making connections, your Instagram can be a “gold mine” in marketing bringing

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Social media marketing through Facebook
Chie Carroll

3 Unique Ways to Utilize Facebook for Your Business

Facebook is a social network that continues to grow and has developed into not only a way for people to reach out and connect with friends and family, but it has also become a powerful marketing tool for businesses.   Being the new go-to marketing platform for business means that companies have to compete with

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Time Management
Chie Carroll

Four Time Management Tips for the Busy Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur entails many professional and personal traits. It takes a lot to be able to launch, execute, grow, and scale a business. As a result, entrepreneurs have to be extra careful with every decision, and being able to manage their time correctly is an invaluable skill. Here are four, time management tactics that

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