Welcome to our Resources page! We created this page to share with you our recommended products to start your online business, from web hosting, domain registration and email marketing. Our free resources page will be your business toolkit as you grow your business.

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting or a web host is a provider of technologies to host or “house” your website files. To be visible on the Internet, a website must have a “host” which stores your website files, plugins and images.

Just like what is explained on the first question, web hosting is basically “storing” your website files on a computer technology for it to be visible on the Internet. The domain on the other hand is the website address which converts your “address” from an “Internet Protocol” (IP) address to an easy-to-read address. All websites are assigned an IP address, sometimes, you are sharing an IP address within a shared server. Thus, you can have a very long IP address that is not possible to put on your business card. Having a readable, easy-to-remember “domain” allows you to brand your domain to match your business identity. 
Think about it like a house and your mailing address. No one can find your house without an address. Just like your domain, your website even with a web host cannot be found if you don’t have a domain or “website address”.

WordPress is content management system (CMS) software that allows anyone to build a website without programming the necessary codes to develop a working website. Because the basics of a working website is already pre-built in a WordPress platform, the only thing that needs to be developed within the CMS are the content. Themes and plugins can be added to “spice” up a website. It add extra features, enhance the design layout and optimize the website.

SEO Tools

Email Marketing Tools

ConvertKit for Content Creators

Email Marketing has been the most vital tool in getting your target market’s attention. That is why I recommend to every client having a subscription form on your website. 

If you have been using Mailchimp and you’ve graduated from its “free version”, take a look at how you can scale your marketing through ConvertKit. Managing your list is easy-peasy with ConvertKit. To learn more if ConvertKit is the answer to your Mailchimp problems, click here.

If you sign-up under my affiliate link, you’ll get a free custom email template with your brand logo. So, don’t forget to email us at support (at) 3mpstudio.com or click the tiny chat icon below, after you sign-up. 

Aweber for Your Company

Want a longer trial for optimal testing of your tool? Try AWEBER, they offer a free 30-day trial so you can learn the platform and take advantage of the tutorials they provide. Is writing content an issue for you? Aweber offers easy customizable templates to get you started with your newsletter. 

Constant Contact for the DIYer

If customizable email design an important part of your email marketing, then Constant Contact is a better option. It offers a wealth of email templates that is responsive to mobile device. 

It’s easy to use because it’s created for business owners, to master marketing with just a few clicks. You won’t need to hire an email specialist with Constant Contact.

If you sign-up with Constant Contact, you’ll get free setup and migration of your email lists.

Let us know after your sign-up to avail your free setup and migration.

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