Design Process

3mpStudio work mostly with WordPress platform. However, we have implemented a design process that applies to almost all website platforms we build the website with.

In some cases, some steps of the Design Process are not applied because of the type and scope of the project.

Phase 1 – PLANNING

  1. Requirement Analysis – we analyze your submitted brief or summary of website requirements including purpose of the website, company goals, target website audience, type of website to be built and target website keywords.
  2. Proposal review – a detailed proposal will be submitted by 3mpStudio based on your website requirements. The proposal includes a website quote that is based on the budget submitted by the client.
  3. Contract signing – upon approval of the proposal and quote, the project will commence after the contract is signed and initial payment (50% down payment) has been fulfilled.
  4. Server authorization – you will need to authorize 3mpStudio access to your web servers if not hosted with us. Typical information to obtain and validate includes FTP host, username and password; control panel log-in information; database configuration; and any languages or frameworks currently installed.
  5. Determine additional technology, software and resources (stock photography, fonts, etc.)

Phase 2 – DESIGN  (approximately 10-15 business days)

  1. Planning of the wire frame and web design elements.
  2. Prototype design submitted as mock-ups.
  3. Logo  design and development (applies to projects bundled with logo design).
  4. Development of navigation scheme.
  5. Recognize site map, site layout, and final preparations for construction
  6. Client review and approval

Phase 3 – DEVELOPMENT (approximately 15-25 business days)

  1. Receive contents from the client including articles, images, PDF files for downloads, form layouts for custom forms, links and other information for site content. Any necessary edits of the content will be performed by 3mpStudio as requested including re-construction of logo if necessary (fees will apply for additional work).
  2. Development of the website.
  3. Incorporation of contents into the website including creating the final Sitemap, Newsletter subscription form, Contact Us form, House Listings (for Property website), Page for Downloads, Membership system configuration, Login and Log out page, Job Manager and any applicable features covered under Scope of Work.
  4. Optimize all of these pages for search engine positioning.
  5. Test all links, forms and email addresses to make sure that they all work effectively.
  6. Conduct a cross-browser testing to ensure website compatibility with popular browsers.
  7. Present your site for review and approval.
  8. Final payment – 1/2 of the total cost

Phase 4 – DELIVERY (approximately 3 to 10 days)

  1. Migration to client’s server.
  2. Testing of all links, forms and conversion pages.
  3. Conduct cross-browser testing to ensure website compatibility with popular browsers.
  4. Integrate Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools (if included in the Scope of Work).
  5. Transfer and handover ownership of the website to the client.
  6. Website goes Live!
  7. Tutorial of Website Usage (Optional via our online conference platform: First 2 hours of tutorial is free).

Phase 5 – MAINTENANCE (optional)

  • We provide monthly, quarterly or annual website maintenance. Coverage options: article/blog posting (content must be prepared/written by the client), product uploads – up to 5 product setup (for e-commerce sites), update image gallery, site map re-submission, website monitoring and alerts, Wordfence monitoring, database back-up and Google Analytics reporting.
  • Hourly Website Maintenance billed at $35/hour. For websites that are already built by 3mpStudio.
  • Hourly Website Maintenance billed at $55/hour. For websites that are NOT built by 3mpStudio.

You can also buy certain amount of hours of work per month to use for website maintenance. Email to buy certain hours of web maintenance per month.

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