Chie Carroll

I'm a digital online generalist, with a wide range of skills from web design, graphics, marketing & SEO. One of the things I love with my job is working with other creative marketers and helping business owners and organizations maximize their online presence. I love a good cup of coffee & enjoy the Metro Parks in Ohio with my family.

Why Waco Alico Building by Chie

Why Waco?

I don’t know why but maybe this year felt so long yet short at the same time. It feels long because it feels like we’ve been living in Waco for a long time already, but it’s short since it’s only been over a year since we moved to this town. I shared before why we …

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Instagram Business tips

5 Ways to Gain Traffic to your Website Using Instagram

Honestly, Instagram isn’t necessarily a platform that will help you drive more traffic to your company’s website. Instagram is far more effective when it comes to improving your brand visibility and building a community. However, by engaging with your audience on Instagram and making connections, your Instagram can be a “gold mine” in marketing bringing …

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