CRM For Creative Entrepreneurs

Dubsado featured blog postSeveral years ago, I was on a hunt for an online tool that will cater to all my needs as a web developer and brand strategist. I was also a photographer on the side at that time. I ended up having several different tools under my belt to invoice my clients, make appointments, track my time, prepare and get contracts signed and so on and on. It didn’t take long, and I’m so desperate to find an all-in-one solution to my problem.

Last year, I hired a creative copywriter who uses Dubsado for her contracts and invoice. I was impressed by the flow of her system and automation, especially the “lovely” look of how it’s delivered. I was hesitant at that time to dive into a new tool. I’ve never heard of Dubsado and the logo at their logo (at that time) seemed like an after-thought. I created a free trial plan and started playing with it. I fell in love and then I dropped out of love. Dubsado was just in the beginning years, and I was confused at the system when I started.

So, I decided to spend a few more days learning the package creation, templates, canned responses etc. I was a little bit overwhelmed at first especially, I’m handling other businesses of my clients. And then it sparked on me…I need to “give time” to my business in order to “make business”. My hubby (and partner) decided to use this tool for our business and it truly is a game changer.

I like the layout, although I wasn’t impressed with the mobile responsiveness of the website. I’m picky when it comes to SAAS tools, but I stayed. And I’m glad I did! In the past months, I’ve seen the changes Dubsado made (their logo), user-interface and the new features they’ve tested and added (they are indeed listening to their customers). I like that while you are working, you can chat with their support if you have any questions. Dubsado just turned 3, and I’m impressed at the quality of service they continuously provide with their software. They genuinely care for creative entrepreneurs!

My conclusion, Dubsado is an All-in-One CRM for creative entrepreneurs. Creative entrepreneurs like me, who needs an invoicing tool the offers many other benefits like contract creation and management, time tracker, form creation, reports and appointment scheduler (new feature). And now, Dubsado also released another one great feature that I’m so excited about, the “Public Proposals.” If you don’t have Dubsado yet, you won’t understand the excitement “Dubsadosers” (noun: a person so excited and uses Dubsado) get when I new feature like this comes out. You have to be a Dubsado user to be excited to this new feature.

If you’re new or have heard of Dubsado but still on the fence, here’s my two cents:

  • Dubsado can pretty much do everything for you if you create contracts for your clients, invoice your clients, need an automated system, workflow and need templates to create a custom form (you can download free templates to start a new form)
  • It can be challenging at first to learn, but they have a support with “help center” knowledge base type, Facebook community and online chat box right there to answer your questions.
  • Organization of projects can a little bit tricky, but like I said…this CRM is really for creative entrepreneurs. This is not a CRM for large scale or enterprise based businesses.

PS: “Dubsadosers” is just something I made up…or maybe some dubsado users are already using.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am a Dubsado user and an affiliate as well. So, if you click my Dubsado link on this post, I’ll earn some moolah and you’ll enjoy the time of your life becoming a “Dubsadoser”. 




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  1. Woohooo! We love the new launch of our public proposals! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. We truly work hard to listen and do whatever we can for entrepreneurs!!!

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