Blogging to Gain Market Leadership

Running a small business is a challenge today. What you want to know is that there is stiff competition whether you are running a mid tier, or big time company. Small businesses in fact are more affected by the recent crisis because they don’t have much buffer to at least minimize the negative effects of recession. Fortunately, there is the World Wide Web. The internet is widely used by individuals today as a venue to sell or to buy things. In fact, more and more businesses today can be found online that you could draw a few helpful tips to catch up with competition!

Blogging has been a trend today. Almost everyone uses a blog whether as a business kick off point or for other purposes. Blogs have been known all over the world as a powerful medium that small enterprises are taking a closer look. What makes a hundred dollar website in the past is now running for free now, what could get any better than that?

There are different blogging platforms today. Whether you chose Blogspot or WordPress, these sites could give you great themes and user friendly applications to update your own entries. If you don’t want the free version of these blogs, you could opt to have a domain name for less than $48/year. Now with that money, you increase your internet presence three folds while you also make your company look legitimate among your target market.

Aside from having a blog, you would want to put your office on the Google map. This way, when your customers’ key-in location plus the business you are having, they might find your business somewhere near their area. Not only that, you could even boost your company’s reputation because you could get reviews from satisfied customers! This means that if you are trying to start from scratch, word of mouth and the trust given to you by your clients will pay off in your online reputation!

And lastly, you should remember that the internet is a really competitive arena. Typically, whoever gets the top page will be the one that’s going to get more customers. Thus, you would want to work with SEO firms! If you can’t pay for thousands of dollars asked by SEO firms, you can try outsourcing your needs online.

Through these easy steps, even if you are running a small company, you could already make the difference. Through the internet, you will realize how a mid tier company could climb up and reach for market leadership.

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  1. I’m starting my own small business, i think blogging could indeed help me get traffic on my website.

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