Why You Should Go For White Hat SEO

black-hat-seoThere two types of Search Engine Optimization tactics. One is the white hat tactic and the other is the black hat tactic. Search Engine Optimization is important to rank your website among the top Search Engines. For over the past years, sites have allotted sums of money in order to make sure that their sites are reaching the top pages of search results. The premise is, the sooner the target market sees your company, the more traffic you could generate.

Everybody wants to have traffic. If you will look at advertisements, companies and businesses would pay sums of money in order to get into a spot that has a large bulk of traffic during the rush hours. The more traffic a road gets, the better it is for the signage to come across to the prospect customer.

This is how traffic works. But of course, everything could only be possible with the help of Search Engine Optimization. White hat tactics of Search Engine Optimization is the “right” and “approved” way of optimizing a website or a webpage. There are rules that Google sets in order to level the playing field for all site owners. For example, they will not allow sites to stuff keywords higher than the density set by Google. They know that the more keywords you have on your page, spiders can have an easier time finding them therefore you get your site indexed easier and faster! But with keyword stuffing, they go beyond the rules of Google.

This kind of cheap tactic is done by practitioners of black hat SEO. Black hat has been known for fast results but with poor long term effects. If you are going to practice black hat SEO, there is a chance that you will be slapped with penalties by Google. Among the things that your site could suffer from is being de-listed from the Google’s list.

Though Search Engine Optimization is important, you need to make sure you adhere to the rules set by Google. With the number of benefits that SEO could do for you, don’t ever blow it with short term gains that could only aggravate poor sales in the long run!

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