What is GDPR and Do You Need It?

GDPR - articles to help youIf you are scratching your head and confuse why there is a surge of emails in your inbox about GDPR, maybe it’s time for you to take a look at it. After all, you are 8 days away from the deadline (ouch!). Well, what is GDPR and do you need it? First of all, if your business is in one of the EU country, then yes, YOU DO NEED to be GDPR-compliant.

Second let me summarize for you what GDPR means.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. In layman terms, it’s a regulation to protect general data. You know, the data a customer usually submits when they purchase from you or subscribing to your email. But it only applies to the data that someone from EU submits on your website and other platform.

I’ve been reading several articles, checklists and guidelines about GDPR so I thought I’d share with you the articles that I found helpful.

  1.  I like this article because it is easy to understand and explain to your colleagues. If you need to explain GDPR to your employees or staff, here’s is a good article > https://iapp.org/news/a/explaining-the-gdpr-to-an-american/
  2. Don’t know how and where to start? This applies to my EU friends who are doing business online and still are not GDPR-compliant. If you are in US, use this as a basis guide too > https://wewillthrive.co.uk/resources/blogs/gdpr-where-to-start
  3. For any business outside EU (not just US), does this also applies to you?  Well, think twice. This will help you answer your questions > https://news.sap.com/is-gdpr-for-companies-outside-of-the-eu/
  4. And hey! If you need more education about GDPR, here is a more visual explanation. Watch this video from Wall Street Journal > https://www.wsj.com/video/gdpr-what-is-it-and-how-might-it-affect-you/2A0C50F6-6248-49EE-AAFC-A505CB425705.html
  5. And last, but not the least, you can download your Free GDPR Checklist (no email email required).

If you need assistance, feel free to contact me. I do offer services to help you be GDPR- ready. However, my services cannot be a substitute for legal or GDPR advice. I provide some of the steps that you can find in the checklist like helping you create your Privacy Policy page, Cookie Policy with explicit notice of consent for visitors, website cookie audit, etc.

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