5 Traffic Building Approaches for Your Website (without paying a cent)


Online traffic building is a vital step to success for every business owner selling online. You probably have tried to get a quote from a web expert how you can leverage and increase your traffic online, but the thing is, you have to invest to gain web traffic. I’m here to show you how you can increase your website traffic on a budget or even without paying a cent.

1. Create great and highly-sought for content.

Creating awesome content, can simply mean posting an article about what you have to offer, your skills, what you practice in your business that others may benefit from. When your website visitors arrive at your website, you’d want them to be welcomed with high-quality content that you produced. Copy pasting a private-level article from other programs can hurt than help your website’s traffic. So, if your content is already written, you can re-write it to speak to your audience, proof-read for any grammatical errors and and ensure the relevancy of your content with your target keywords you’d want the blog post to be ranked for.

2. Sign-up for social media account for your business

While social media won’t deliver you clients constantly, you can use it to build “backlinks” (links that returns to your site). For starters, you can create a social media page for your business in Facebook Pages and LinkedIn Company page, and Instagram for Business. If you are an interior designer, architect or photographer, you can take advantage of Pinterest. Define your business on each of your social media profiles by highlighting what your business is about on the “About” section. Ensure these pages or profiles are linking back to your website.

3. Search Engine Optimization

If you are detailed-oriented person, you can optimize your website without hiring an expert. It’s quite a lot of work but will pay off in the future. If you are using WordPress, install a plugin like Yoast SEO to easily manage the tags of your site. Explore the pages and posts of your blog. Then create meta title, meta description and focus keywords for each page. You can also check out SEO tutorial from Yoast to gain more knowledge in SEO. Try Yoast’s SEO for Beginners.

4. Create Backlinks to Your Site

I mentioned before that you can create backlinks to your site with social media pages. You can also build up your backlinks by visiting online forums and replying to comments. Attaching your website URL to these comments can increase your backlinks. You can also create posts in your social media profiles and attach a URL linking to your website.

5. Join a Community

One of the best way to bring traffic to your website is by joining online communities. Facebook and LinkedIn has some great online communities where you can build reputation within your industry or with other like-minded people. Use this platform to promote your online business and get promoted as well. Speaking of which, I just created a Facebook group here that you are welcome to join in!



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