How Social Networking Can Change Your Marketing Strategies

Small Business Marketing StrategyIs it enough to only have a website if you are running a business? These days, people are connecting through social networks like Facebook, Foursquare, Multiply and the likes, to connect, communicate, share and converse. These connection networks open a gateway for people to interact and find recommended businesses and services through their friends and networks. In reality, it is no longer enough to have just a website or a Facebook page. Linking your website to your social media networks build links that point to your website and enhance your off-page seo.

From the beginning of Myspace and the popularity of Facebook, people are in constant need of interaction. One of the Facebook enhancements even allows you to chat with your friend when you’re logged in. It serves as a personal portal for people to connect with friends, families and even former co-workers

What most businesses are missing out is the fact that they need to interact with their customers. Given that everybody is going to Facebook, this only means that businesses should also find ways in order to gain access to their customer’s mindset through this platform.

Today, you can see a lot of Facebook Pages. Facebook page and other social media pages give voice to any public figure or organization and get their audience to join a conversation with them. It has become one of the cheapest marketing and communication tool for organizations and businesses because creating an account page is free. A lot of companies are now using the internet and the social media sites as a marketing tool and extension of their business website. Using social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will allow you to update customers of the latest products and services your company offers.

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