How to register for domain and web hosting

If you found this article, then you are probably looking for an answer to your question. How to obtain a domain or register and get web hosting. First, one of the questions that was brought to me before was “what is domain?” and “what is web hosting?”

These are legitimate questions and even with the internet being everywhere our lives, mobile and tv…not everyone knows everything.

Domain is basically your web ID, more like and identification on the web. It identifies the Internet Protocol called websites formed by the rules and of the DNS or Domain Name System.

Registering for a domain is one of the first steps on having a website. The domain is your web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) where visitors can find your website. To register for a domain, give some thought first of what website address you want for your individual or business website. It could be your company name already. However, if your company name is not available for the .com, .net or .co TLD (top level domain), you can think of a website name that will brand your company. Creativity is the key to come up with the right name.

If your company name is “acme advertising inc.” , you may think of a website address that is or But, what if both URL addresses are not available. Choosing the right domain name is the first step to obtain the right one. Most domain registrars have domain checkup tool for you to know if the website address you want is available or not.

You can use our eHappyHost domain look-up tool below to check a website URL availability:


Once you have chosen your domain or web URL, you can start looking for a web host. While we offer web hosting at 3mpStudio, we recommend affordable web host providers to our clients as well. You can check out the web hosts below if you are more computer/internet savvy.

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Feel free to let me know if you have questions!


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