New Facebook Scam Link: “I’ve Been Selected As An Iphone 5 Tester”

I saw this today from the facebook newsfeed and I know for sure this is another scam link or worst, an intrusion attempt to your pc. One of the things I learned in facebook, never click a random shared link. Especially, a link that will caught your attention. Why? Because, it is made to catch you.

Not that I never click a link shared by my friends…I almost always check what my friends or family are sharing. But if I’m not sure with the link, instead of clicking the link directly…I open google and type the domain URL on the google search box. Chances are, the domain will appear on the search engine result page and it will show more information.

The title of the link I’ve Been Selected As An Iphone 5 Tester is pretty catchy. It is linked to this domain – “” (Warning: DO NOT CLICK OR COPY PASTE THE LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE ANTI-VIRUS OR A GOOD FIREWALL ON).

Knowing this could be a scam or phishing site, I clicked on it fully confident with my Norton behind me.

Here is what you will see on Facebook:

Iphone 5 Testing facebook


Here’s what happens when I click on the link:

Beware of the linkLikeJacking Attack 2.0 Norton Detected

So, as you can see…thanks to Norton, the attack was blocked. To view the details:

Facebook Like Attack blocked by Norton

If you look at the top, the severity of the attack is High according to Norton.

Web Attack: Facebook LikeJacking Attack 2.0So, be careful when you connect or click a link that interest you. Have a great day!

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