Increase Conversion on Your Landing Page

Increase Traffic Conversion on your Landing Page

Now that you have your website up and running with traffic, how do you increase the conversions on your landing page so that you end up making the sales that you want?

Here are 5 ways to increase conversion on your landing page:


  1. Use segmented landing pages for your keywords

One thing you need to know is that if you use the same landing page for every keyword that you bid on, you will definitely miss out on getting more conversions. By segmenting your landing page, you will be doing a better job at targeting your traffic and this will lead to more subscribers and more leads.


  1. Focus on testing more than one version of your landing page.

Most people make the mistake of not testing various versions of their landing pages and so end up not getting a lot of conversions. Sometimes, to experience a massive increase in response, a simple change on images, background or font can create an impact to your traffic or double your conversion. Having two or three types of landing pages with the use of segmentation can deliver a targeted impression on your visitors.


  1. Keep it simple and direct.

Your landing page should relate directly to the content the visitor wants to see. Moreover, they should not be so busy that the visitor is at a loss on what you want them to do. Most landing pages that are targeted to sell have long content with information the visitor is looking for. However, majority of visitors skim through the content and do not read all the fine print. Keep it simple, direct and relevant when it comes to content.


  1. Use bold, appealing call to action.

Call to action is the essence of every landing page. They are the buttons that take your visitors to have them do what you want them to do. Do you want them to buy, subscribe, register, download, etc. Do they look attractive enough to click on? Test with different fonts, colors, and sizes. In addition, ensure that your calls to action offer value that is worth clicking on.


  1. Describe who you are and amplify your credibility.

Do your claims seem believable and do you have a few testimonials on your page? You want to show your visitors that there is a real person behind the landing page. You want to show that you are credible in what you are doing or what you are offering. Include a few paragraphs about yourself, how you started doing what you do and some testimonials from people who have used your product or service.

As an online marketer, what you want is your visitor to do just one goal on your landing page without getting distracted. The above tips are proven ways to increase conversion on your landing page. If you have other ways to share, feel free to chime in under our comments section below. Do you have small business or entrepreneur tips you want to share? Use our contact form if you want to guest post with us.

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