In the Loop of Things…(a little bit of personal update from Chie)

I haven’t been able to blog in a while—in a long time. Lots of big changes happened in two seasons and now that Fall is fast approaching, I’m excited to be back up and blogging again. It wasn’t long ago when I’m blogging here and there with a little bit of tutorials, business info and SEO tips.

One of the big change that happened was our BIG MOVE. From Kentucky to Indiana…it was definitely a BIG CHANGE. Of course, there goes the business matters, legal paper works and registering your business in another state. Not fun but very important…if you know what I mean. 3MPSTUDIO is now officially a Hoosier & Indiana-based business! I’m excited to extend our services to local business owners in Warsaw/Winona Lake and neighboring cities. Feel free to email me to say HELLO, give me a holler or just high five as your new service provider in the hood.

So, where did we moved? I call it the “hidden valley” although there’s no valley here. It’s a hidden gem in Indiana! A bit touristy but not so busy that laid-back living is at best. Winona Lake is where I got married! Yay, I love it…looking out the frozen lake on our wedding (yeah, it was winter). Beside Winona Lake is Warsaw, which is more the main city. Also known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World because it’s home of the main orthopedic manufacturers. We’re just a few walk away from Grace College too…where my husband and I started (online while he’s in college–LOL). Needless to say…I feel like I’m “HOME”.

Now to the nitty gritty of things…as a web studio, I’m exhilarated to announce new services we are offering & some coming. From affordable web services, logo/graphic design and eBook creations (YES, we design eBooks!), to print and soon to launch – VA for Pro that will cater to Individual Professionals in need of a VA (Virtual Assistant) PLUS lots of great marketing tools you will need for yourself or your company. Because we are all about helping YOU TO GROW.

On a personal note…I’m also “IN” for a big change as my tummy grows. A new one is growing inside me that my family are excited about. For that reason, I’m harnessing additional people on my team to constantly deliver to you the best web support you can get. I always enjoy working with you–if you are my current client. If you are new to 3mpStudio…WELCOME! Let’s Skype or meet over a coffee to discuss how I can help you with your online needs.

by Chie

Winona Lake, IN Sunset – Photo taken by Chie with Samsung S3

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