How to set-up an account with Google Analytics

How to set up an account with Google Analytics? This how to article would be helpful to track your website’s performance. Google analytics is essential in tracking the traffic of your website. It will show you pageviews, traffic sources and who are your visitors.

Having a business is one thing, but not knowing who’s coming to your website just loose the main goal of having presence online.

First thing you have to do is create a GMAIL account. If you already have a gmail account, you don’t need to create one because you can just use that to sign up for Google Analytics.

Once you have a gmail account setup, go to  Google Analytics website and click Sign up Now.

How to Set up Google Analytics

Log in with your Gmail login details on the “Sign In” page

Sign in to Google Analytics using Gmail account

You will be brought to the Sign Up page where you will click another link.
Click “Sign up” to start using Google Analytics

Sign up | Start using Google Analytics

Create a NEW ACCOUNT by filling out the sign up form.

Create a New Google Analytics account form

Make sure you check the Google Analytics user agreement.

Check the User Agreement

Configure your analytics tracking code

How to configure your tracking code

Then copy your tracking code to paste on your web pages that you would like to track.

Copy your tracking code

Don’t forget, you must PASTE the tracking code on each pages of your website that you would like to track.
How to paste tracking code on website.

If you need assistance placing the Google Analytics tracking code on your website, feel free to contact us and avail our analytics installation service of $25.


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