How to Outsource Your Marketing Content Successfully

The truth is creating content is time-consuming. Even if you’re a fast writer or you’ve got someone on your team who churns out quality content like a robot, it will still take some time.

If you’re not willing to spend all your energy creating content, then how about you leave it to the experts?

Outsourcing is a great solution to help get your content marketing strategy moving along. Of course, the downside is outsourcing can get quite costly. But if it’s an investment you’re willing to make, here are some tips to help you outsource successfully.

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1. Choose the right freelancer

There are plenty of freelancing platforms you can use to look for the best writers. The general consensus is that when it comes to freelancing, you get what you pay for. So, if you pay peanuts, you’re most probably going to receive work that won’t ever meet your standards.

2. Provide clear instructions

If you provide vague instructions, you’re going to get a piece of work that’s also going to look vaguely like what you were expecting. Setting the right instructions will help your freelancer submit jobs that will meet your expectations.

3. Treat your freelancers with respect

Just because you’re paying someone to help you out, doesn’t mean you can treat them like slaves. This means paying them fair rates and setting appropriate deadlines for various projects.

4. Have an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar will you help you manage and streamline your content marketing activities. Without it, you’ll be all over the place. You wouldn’t know which content types to assign to which freelancers, and you’ll find it hard to keep track of content that’s already been published and what hasn’t been yet.

5. Provide timely feedback

Freelancers thrive on feedback. Just make sure, however, that you provide constructive criticism. You don’t want to go all in and destroy a freelancer’s morale. It’s not going to help either of you. Helping your talented freelancers to improve and create content that fits your requirements will help your business in the long run.

6. Build long-term relationships

When you find good freelancers, make it a point to build long-term working relationships with them. They’ll be more loyal to your brand, and they’ll be more motivated to continue creating high-quality content.

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