How to Get More Targeted Website Traffic with Twitter

Twitter SnapshotTwitter is a beneficial social media platform if you are looking to drive more targeted traffic to your company site. Since Twitter is a link-based service, every tweet that you post has the potential to increase the traffic to your site significantly. If you’re new to Twitter or looking to brush up on the fundamentals of the social media platform, here are the best ways you can use Twitter to drive more traffic to your website.

Repeat Your Tweets

With Twitter, unlike the other social media platforms, tweeting a link to your website or blog post more than once is perfectly acceptable. This is especially true if the content is evergreen. One thing you should note, however, is that you want to avoid flooding your timeline with the same material. While the link can be the same, you need to craft the tweet differently. To prevent this, create three to five different versions of the tweet and schedule them.

Mention Other Businesses that You Include in Your Link

When it comes to promoting your business on social media, collaboration is extremely powerful. If you are sharing a blog link with your followers about “Things to Do in Denver This Weekend,” and it includes the top ten things to do, make sure you are tagging all of the venues in your tweet. By doing this, you increase your chances that these companies will share your content with their audience or at least retweet your content.

Retweet and Thank People That Mention

You Keep an eye out for people who are actively sharing your blog posts on Twitter and either reply to their tweets or retweet their posts. Not only will this increase the likelihood that they will share another of your posts, but it will also convey a level of social proof that helps to drive traffic.

Create Attractive “Clickbait” with a Strong Call to Action

Carefully consider how your tweet can create the desire to click and read more. To help spark that desire, consider trying to make people laugh, or share an interesting fact that you use in the post as your tweet. You want to make sure that you lay out the benefits the reader will gain by clicking on the link. Twitter is a simple platform that can be easily mastered. Utilize these practical tips for using Twitter to promote your business and gain more targeted traffic to your website.

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