Facebook Update: Timeline

Facebook just rolled their new user-profile update which is called “Timeline”.New facebook timeline

When I logged in to Facebook, I got the notice about the Timeline changes on your profile. So, I initiated to update my profile right away to see the Timeline in action. Design-wise, I think it’s nice to have a big header on top of your profile. Security-wise? Well,you’ll have to think twice.

You can wait for the switch or you can switch your profile already by going to http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

What’s up with the Timeline Facebook Profile?

  • It pulls all your past status updates, wall posts, photos, notes etc. from way back since the day you joined Facebook.
  • It provides you a way to put a “Cover photo” on your profile.
  • It allows you to feature or highlight on your timeline “what matters”.
  • It lets you “Fill in the Blanks” of your life in your Timeline. This allows you to make one of your post a “life event”, which then brings you to a more detailed form to fill out about such event (including type of event, location, date & privacy setting).
  • It lets you find other friend’s old posts, updates and photos.

Why you should pay attention to it?

Timeline, whether you like it or not, will push through even you don’t update your Facebook profile to Timeline. Once Facebook or you switch your profile to Timeline, you’ll have 7 days to set your privacy settings and timeline limits.

How do you set the Timeline privacy?

  1. Quickway: Limit your past post’s privacy setting. In this way, you’ll be able to set your past posts to be searchable only by your friends. However, people “tagged” on a post will still be able search and see the past post even they are not your friends as long as they are tagged on that post. Facebook Timeline - Limit the Audience
  2. Limit the posts by others on your Timeline: In this way, you can limit the posts by your friends on your timeline and make them appear only to certain group of people or to you only. From here, you can also set who can look up your timeline by name or contact info.Facebook Timeline - How you Connect
  3. Limit your Tags – In this way, you can review first posts you were tagged before they go live on your timeline. Depending on your setting, it may still appear elsewhere on Facebook. Facebook - How Tags work

Facebook - Enabling Timeline Review


In summary, it will be up to you what you want to make public and not and what you want to keep just within you and your friends. Facebook is a great way to connect, but setting privacy measures on Facebook is just like keeping your door locked when you leave the house.



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