Tutorial for Business: Create Your Facebook Page

On my last article, I mentioned that I’ll post tutorials on how you can setup social network pages for your business.

For some, this tutorial has been shared or past on so many times. A tutorial on Facebook is also available if you did not follow mine here.



Step 1: SIGN-IN

Sign in your Facebook Account or if you do not have a Facebook account yet, create one.

Create Facebook Page

Step 2:  GO TO PAGES

Facebook Newsfeed - Click Pages

Once you logged in, on your Facebook Newsfeed, Click PAGES at the left side of your window. You should see it right below FAVORITES.


Once you click PAGES, you’ll see a button link to “Create a Page” on top.

Create a Facebook Page

Step 4:  PAGE TYPE

Choose a type of page you would like to create.

Facebook Page Type

Since we are creating a page for local business, we are going to choose the Local Business in this tutorial. Fill out the form with your business details. All fields must be filled. Once filled, check the “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms”. Read the Facebook Page Terms to ensure you agree with them.

Local Business Facebook Page


Usually this is a logo of your company or a photo of your local business. Branding your Facebook page is important so we recommend you upload a company logo with a catchy tagline that briefly explains what you offer. Mashable has a great tip here on “creating a perfect profile picture” for your Facebook page from their article, 5 Tips for Optimizing your Brand’s Facebook Page .

Click Continue to go to the next step.

If you are not ready with your profile page photo, you can skip and upload it later.

Upload Facebook Photo



Step 6: GET FANS

What are Facebook Fans? Fans are simply a term on Facebook which are your followers. In business term, it can be people who “likes” your business. The best place to start building your fans is through your Facebook friends. If you already have friends on your Facebook network, you can invite them to be “Like” your Facebook page.

You can also share your page to your customers or email list by importing your contact list and sending the invitation to them.

Check the “Share this page on my wall.” and “Like this page.” to promote your Facebook page right away from your Facebook personal account. Click Continue to go to the next step.

If you plan to promote your page later, you can skip this part and do it later.





The next step is filling out the basic information of your business. If you have a website, fill out the form with your website address and a brief summary of what your business is about.

Facebook Basic Info for Business


Step 8: YOUR DONE!

What you see below is a demo Facebook Page created. As you can see there some more things that need to be done to make it look like a Business Page. To edit your Facebook page, simple click “Edit Page” at the top right side of the page and customize it.

Sample Facebook Page

If this tutorial has been helpful to you, let us know or share it for others to know. Thanks!

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