Craft a Successful Marketing Content

How do you create content for your marketing? Is there a secret recipe to craft the perfect content? While there is no mysterious way of doing it, there are essential components that you can apply in your strategy to create successful content in marketing

  1. START WITH A GOAL – The first step is to create a goal. One of the known types of building a goal is the application of the SMART goal setting. SMART goal setting covers the following: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based. Being S.M.A.R.T. with your goals, you’ll be able to focus your content in the right direction.
  2. CREATE YOUR CUSTOMER PERSONA – Think about your content and who’s going to read it? What is your content about and is it going to help your customer persona? The customer persona is an imaginary customer that you’d like to reach with your content. Create content that will answer the following:
    • What does your customer persona want?
    • How can you help your customer persona with his/her problem?
    • What solution do you have?
  3. CREATE A CONTENT THAT IS VALUABLE – Last but not the least, to be successful in your content marketing, you must create a content that is valuable to your target audience or your customer persona. Don’t add any fluffs and useless information that doesn’t add value to your content. Lay out your content with a plan and a call to action.

Ultimately, your content marketing strategy will be successful when your customer arrives at the point of converting from an everyday reader of your content to taking an action. Your content should be compelling and relevant to your target audience, that right at the beginning of your content pitch, they are drawn to click your “call-to-action” button to sign-up or buy your product.

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