10 Collaboration Tools for Business

Being a team means that you work together to perform as a single cohesive unit. These days, collaboration no longer means that you have to be in one place. In the past years, the internet became a different medium not only for information and transactions but also for work. There are different collaboration tools that you could now use if you want to work with other people in different parts of the world.

Here are some of the best collaboration tools that you could use for your small or big business:

Keep and Share – This is a very useful system that allows you to share your files with the group. This also protects the accounts with passwords that make the sensitive data secured.


Wridea – Known as a brain storming tool, this organizes your very own ideas into different pages while it also allows you to have a comment on other user’s ideas and topics. This is basically something that you want to have if you are starting something from scratch.

Writeboard – For writers, this writing software basically allows you to edit, write and track the changes of a copy that is being written by your team mates. Though not just limited for writing, you could also make use of this tool in order to make documents that are not yet finalized.

Spicebird– This is an open source platform that could be used in different fields of communication. This is really useful in the online world since you could directly email or chat with the other members of your team.

Dropbox– Dropbox allows you to sync the different files online using different devices. Today, there is a new mobile application available for this tool.

Huddle – Huddle offers one of the best options out there when you are looking for free file storage. Of course, nothing comes perfectly free. It only allows you to have up to 100mb for their free account. “It is a comprehensive portal-based project management and collaboration tool, but the pricing plans mean you need to be going for the top end to get the full benefit of all the functionality.“-Promana.net

Office Web Apps– Similar to the online sharing and editing features of the Google Doc, this allows you to have the best experience in editing and creating documents with other team members. This could be in a form of an excel type document or a simple word document.

Windows Live Mesh– Possibly one of the most identical tools to Dropbox, this allows you to have 5GB free online space and it also gives you the opportunity to access your documents remotely from another location.

Google Apps– Google online applications are basically giving you the opportunity not just to use the email. It also allows you to edit documents in a fast and reliable way. It gives you the chance to share documents with particular users. Based on the reviews and the reputation of Google, this option is pretty much highly efficient and reliable.

EditGrid – Basically like Microsoft Excel, this online application allows people to collaborate to edit a document. The sharing features are basically similar to that of Google Doc. EditGrid is also reliable for people businesses to use.


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