5 Best Practices to Stay Committed to Your Online Business

online businessOnline business has blasted among entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs. I recall when somebody would ask me what I do and I’ll answer, “I’m a work at home mom”. They’d ask what I do for living and I’ll answer, “I help online entrepreneurs build their business online”. I get a vague or in some cases, confused look about what I do.

It didn’t influence me to such an extent, yet it allowed me understand the nature of my work. I began to think about what can I do to make them understand the nature of “online business”, and that at some point in the future, it’s something they could do as well.

Having an online business is not just for the introvert people or individuals who don’t enjoy an 8-5 hour work. I used to work the 8-5 hours crush in an ad agency. I like it, however I wouldn’t exchange my work now being with my family for longer time, than missing whatever is left of the day with them. When I worked in an ad agency, 8-5 hours isn’t enough because socialization after hours comes next.

Anyway, in case you look at online business visionaries, they simply have their workstation, an internet connection and a cup of coffee. Be that as it may, they complete several tasks in an unexpected way. I’ve listed five best practices most online visionaries do on a day-to-day basis:

1. Show Up
Showing up in your business is the most critical practice in any online business. Much the same as with a traditional 8-5 hours job environment, showing up is vital if you work from home. Arrive at work, be productive and leave when done. How do you that with an online business? Respond to online inquiries, check your emails or create canned personal emails for your customers who have filled out your form.

2. Focus on Mission
Know who you serve, what you need to serve and how you will increase the value of those you are serving. Incidentally I’ve looked at other businesses and considered how they profit and learned they are successfull because they are filling a need and they’re increasing the value of their clients’ lives.

3. Make Quality Content and Get It Out There
You need content that attracts visitors to your site and make them want to come back. Incorporate industry tips, tutorials, comments and articles that stays consistent with your image and brand. Create an opt-in or sign-up form to ensure you are delivering your content to people who wants your content. Want a sign-up form that converts? Get ConvertKit*

4. Commit to The Process
One of the vital activity that I practice all the time in my business, is to stay committed with the process. It holds your business like a glue and keeps everything organized. From email inquiry, invoicing, to program development & project management– it’s important that you develop a process and stay committed to it.

5. Track Goals
Goal-setting is important, but tracking is just as important as the latter. As an online business, you are not accountable to anyone but yourself (unless you have a partner or operate with your spouse). Tracking is important to know and ensure the health of your business. From tracking your website’s visitors, your email marketing conversion rates to the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, tracking is important to know and understand the future of your marketing efforts.

These are the 5 fundamental practices that you can also apply in your online business to stay healthy. Next post, I’ll share with you how you can grow your online business rapidly on a budget. Yes, you don’t need a big advertising budget to do it. Subscribe to 3mpStudio’s newsletter to get the latest updates and tips from our studio.

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