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Varun emailed me in January about getting a wedding website for him and Pooja. He is getting married to Pooja on April and he has a special job that needs to get done…get the wedding website UP!

I was referred to him by his friend Shelly, whom I created a knock-out wedding website last year. Nitin and Shelly’s wedding website got lots of compliments from their wedding guests.

Even I’m over 6 years married, I still get excited about weddings! Here is a snapshot of Varun & Pooja’s wedding website:

Varun and Pooja's Wedding Website

Custom Wedding Website

What their guests are saying about their wedding site:

Varun! i am IN love with your wedding website

First of all- best wedding website EVER (and I normally think they’re all “blah” to give you some perspective)

Love the website man! Probably one of the (if not the) best ones I’ve been to. Love how large the pictures are. It was easy for me to navigate.

I LOVE IT! From the opening page to the home photos!

I will never be able to pull out a knock-out wedding website without the guidance of course of my Clients Varun & Pooja. They clearly know what they want and with that, I followed their directions to launch them a beautiful and “one of the best” wedding website. If you want a wedding website like this, check out my packages for custom wedding website design.

Varun and Pooja’s India Photoshoot – by Sephi Bergenson Photography
Couple’s Photoshoot – by J. Cogliandro Photography
The Proposal Pictures – by David Cardenas Photography
Sideways Theme – Check it out at ThemeForest

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