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Author and Lawyer, Lily Taylor – 3mpStudio redesigned her website, setup the site’s ecommerce, created an opt-in and helped established her online presence before her book launch.

Are you starting your business? Or are you established already and need a business upgrade? Let me start by recommending the links below to get you started.

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My interest on building websites started way back in college while pursuing my bachelors in Computer Science. Then I left college and went to US, then I came back to the Philippines to learn more about building websites. 5 years later, I'm back in US, got married and then had our first baby. I started 3mpStudio in our small apartment to make "extra income". At that time, I wanted to keep my interest in web design honed and updated, while adding income on top of my husband's fulltime job.

I worked for a couple of years in out-of-home (OOH) advertising which piqued my interest in non-traditional marketing. At that time, online advertising & digital marketing wasn't as popular as it is now... but I knew that Internet will someday change the landscape of mainstream marketing.

My skills are a combination of web design, graphic and logo creation, brand styling, marketing, web host management, WordPress security, DNS and web asset management.

We have 3 kids that makes our world busy and active. We're homeschoolers too, so there's never a dull moment at home. You can find me sometimes at any co-working space or coffee shops locally (Waco TX). If you want to work with us (me and Tim) or collaborate, feel free to contact us.

Disclosure: Just so you know, I’m an affiliate of the links from the companies I recommend on my website. I meticulously pick the software and programs for which I recommend. Being an affiliate, I will commission when you sign-up or make a purchase of their product. Sometimes, the links we shared includes a discounted price, one of the perks being an affiliate. So, please use my affiliate links, you are helping another business owner by doing so. 

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