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Are you starting your business? Or are you established already and need a business upgrade? Let me start by recommending the links below to get you started.

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hello! I'm Chie


I became interested in building websites while studying Computer Science in college. Following that, I gained valuable experience in out-of-home (OOH) advertising for a few years handling advertising contracts for Nestle and KIA. This sparked my interest in non-traditional marketing approaches. During that period, online advertising and digital marketing were not as widespread as they are today, but I foresaw the Internet’s potential to reshape mainstream marketing. My skill set includes proficiency in web design, graphic and logo creation, brand development, digital marketing, web host management, website development, eCommerce setup, and security configuration, email configuration (i.e. DMARC, SPF, Microsoft exchange), Kajabi Course Development, LMS setup, API Integration, Domain Name Server management, and web asset management (AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive).

Disclosure: It is important to note that I am an affiliate of the companies whose products are recommended on my website. The selection process for these software and programs is highly selective. As an affiliate, I earn commissions when you sign-up or purchase their product. Additionally, some links may include a discounted price due to my affiliation with the company. Therefore, by using my affiliate links, you are helping support another business owner.

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